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Microsoft kills Edge, revives it as a Chrome derivative. PLUS Epic Games takes aim at Steam and MORE!


Microsoft Kills Edge, Replacing it with a Chromium derivative. Valve changes up its revenue split with large title and so much more! Show notes: https://forum.heavyelement.io/d/92

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New Crypto-Malware Targets Linux! Are you safe? PLUS: My thoughts on Artifact and MORE!


There's a new crypto-mining attack, and it's for Linux. How can you stay safe? Plus, Valve releases their first DAY-ONE LINUX game: Artifact. I'll share my thoughts. And we have a new segment: Raven's Pick of the Week! https://forum.heavyelement.io/d/52

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SPECTER attack on a GPU? PLUS: The Steam Link is dead. What's next for Valve's Hardware?


Did security researchers just discover a SPECTER attack on the GPU? PLUS, EA announces C&C Remastered—developed by former Westwood devs. And Valve ends production of the Steam Link. https://forum.heavyelement.io/d/43-linux-certifications-the-workplace

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Why did Lunduke leave social media for good? PLUS: 39 New Games added to SteamPlay, AND Microsoft buys Obsidian


We've got some awesome today. Valve have added 39 new games to Steam Play/Proton. Was your favorite game added? PLUS: Microsoft buys Obsidian and inXile Entertainment. How might Linux gaming be effected? https://patreon.com/posts/22741271

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