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"I used to think Randy Pitchford was cool," Steam/Play News, Ubuntu 19.04 released, Matrix under attack, and MORE!


Steam Play just got a new update, new Steam Client Update, Unity Engine's editor is now in a "preview" state on Linux, Ubuntu 19.04 Released, Google/Mozilla de-list Dissenter, and more! Show Notes

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"Megalomaniac F***head," French Authorities vs. Archive.org, Assange Arrested & MORE!


The Linux Game Jam 2019 is LIVE, Julian Assange gets arrested, how long with NoScript for Chrome last, and so much more! Show Notes

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"Douglas Furries," Big Gaming Releases, and Linus thinks people take him too seriously...


Major releases include Dirt 4, DLC for Dead Cells and a new Proton update. Valve’s VR Headset is teased, then leaked! And Linus Torvalds thinks people take him way too seriously. Show Notes

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“#GetLinuxGamerOnHyperLightDrifterShow,” Hyper Light Drifter TV SHOW? Plus: New Proton Release and Listener Questions!


Hyper Light Drifter gets its own TV show produced by a skilled team and the game’s lead developer, a new release of Proton shows just how much progress has been made, and I answer a ton of your questions! Show Notes

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"I'm Doing It Solo," Humble Bundle 20, CALC.EXE goes FOSS and more


CALC.EXE is now FOSS, is this a token gesture or the shape of things to come? Plus, we dive into the deep cuts from the Humble Indie Bundle 20. And take a look at the February's Steam Hardware Survey. Show Notes

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"Variety is the Spice of Life," Google Summer of Code, Banks Weaken Security!


Google's Summer of Code includes some big open source projects that needs your help! Linux Foundation announces ELISA; a safety-first approach to Linux deployment, and banks suck! Show Notes

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"We're all in the same party boat," Librem 5 delayed, and more!


Steam ditching videos; is this the first step to cleaning it up? Plus: Librem 5 launch delayed until Q3; and Valve wants to aquire Auto Chess dev. Show Notes

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Facebook's Predatory "Research" App gets the SMACKDOWN from Apple and more!


Apple's slow reaction to a major security flaw leave users without features, and Facebook's predatory research project has been paying 13 year old kids less than a dollar a day to have unlimited access to their phones Show Notes

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Chromium Undermines Privacy and Google wants to PUNISH their employees for having opinions.


The PureOS store will ship Flatpaks! PLUS Google asks the federal government to remove protections for their employees, and Chromium moves to undermine privacy extensions. All this and more, TODAY! Show Notes

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Steam's new numbers give Linux insight, NSA open sources their tools and MORE!


What does Steam's new blog post say about the number of linux users in December? Plus, Purism announces that they're releasing their own app store, and The NSA have created their own software reverse engineering tools. Show Notes

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