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Facebook's Predatory "Research" App gets the SMACKDOWN from Apple and more!


Apple's slow reaction to a major security flaw leave users without features, and Facebook's predatory research project has been paying 13 year old kids less than a dollar a day to have unlimited access to their phones https://forum.heavyelement.io/d/226

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Chromium Undermines Privacy and Google wants to PUNISH their employees for having opinions.


The PureOS store will ship Flatpaks! PLUS Google asks the federal government to remove protections for their employees, and Chromium moves to undermine privacy extensions. All this and more, TODAY! https://forum.heavyelement.io/d/213

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Steam's new numbers give Linux insight, NSA open sources their tools and MORE!


What does Steam's new blog post say about the number of linux users in December? Plus, Purism announces that they're releasing their own app store, and The NSA have created their own software reverse engineering tools. https://forum.heavyelement.io/d/193

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Bungie Splits with Activision, Unity subverts the good faith they had with the middleware developers and MORE


Bungie splits with Activision, what could this mean for the gaming industry as a whole? Plus, Unity's Terms of Service have pushed developers into the arms of Unreal? And are mobile carriers selling your location data? https://forum.heavyelement.io/d/177

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Eric Wolpaw Returns to VALVe, plus China's "Smart Campuses" make spying fashionable...


And what does Eric Wolpaw's return to Valve mean for US? Plus Steam's hardware survey shows more growth on the Linux side, Thunderbird's big plans for 2019, and China's "Smart Campuses" make wearable surveillance a thing

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Off Topical's Year in Review - 2018


We're gonna do something a bit different today. We're going to talk about 2018. Our favorite--and most infamous--headlines of the year, discuss why we chose them and what kind of impact they'll have on the year ahead. https://forum.heavyelement.io/d/138

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Linus thinks Chromebooks are the future of Linux?! PLUS: Google's intentionally breaking their websites. AND Facebook's new LOW!


Is Google intentionally ruining the web? One Microsoft intern thinks so. Plus: Facebook's New Low of Privacy Invasion, AND Does Linus Torvalds really believe Chromebooks are the future of desktop Linux? Show notes: https://forum.heavyelement.io/126

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Feral Brings Dirt 4 to Linux, Facebook has a HUGE data breach, and Australia kills encryption (and its tech industry)


Feral brings Dirt 4 to Linux, Facebook announces a bug that exposed millions of people's private data, and Australia passes legislation that may weaken encryption and harm privacy globally! https://forum.heavyelement.io/d/113

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Microsoft kills Edge, revives it as a Chrome derivative. PLUS Epic Games takes aim at Steam and MORE!


Microsoft Kills Edge, Replacing it with a Chromium derivative. Valve changes up its revenue split with large title and so much more! Show notes: https://forum.heavyelement.io/d/92

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New Crypto-Malware Targets Linux! Are you safe? PLUS: My thoughts on Artifact and MORE!


There's a new crypto-mining attack, and it's for Linux. How can you stay safe? Plus, Valve releases their first DAY-ONE LINUX game: Artifact. I'll share my thoughts. And we have a new segment: Raven's Pick of the Week! https://forum.heavyelement.io/d/52

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