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"Get buff, have amazing legs," Google Stadia, FDA Says Your Heart Might Be Hackable & More!


Google announces a game streaming platform at GDC called Stadia, Purism shows off Librem 5 “Lockdown Mode,” Facebook stores your passwords in cleartext and so much more! Show Notes

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"Beautiful, sexy hotel WiFi," Steam Link Anywhere, New GNOME & OpenRA Release!


We have new releases all over the place. From OpenRA, to GNOME 3.32 and more. Plus, Microsoft is automatically REMOVING Windows 10 updates from some installations. We find out why! Show Notes

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"I'm Doing It Solo," Humble Bundle 20, CALC.EXE goes FOSS and more


CALC.EXE is now FOSS, is this a token gesture or the shape of things to come? Plus, we dive into the deep cuts from the Humble Indie Bundle 20. And take a look at the February's Steam Hardware Survey. Show Notes

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"Variety is the Spice of Life," Google Summer of Code, Banks Weaken Security!


Google's Summer of Code includes some big open source projects that needs your help! Linux Foundation announces ELISA; a safety-first approach to Linux deployment, and banks suck! Show Notes

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