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"These companies want to own you," Wal-mart wants a cryptocoin, Google wants to authorize your online presence.


Google says you're still using compromised passwords, Apple sued because iCloud is really Google and Azure--forgot to mention it, Georgia ordered to switch to paper ballots. Walmart wants in on crypto. Show Notes

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"If you have an iPhone, that's on you," Plus Siri and Google's Assistant are always listening, and GIVEAWAY CODES!


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"I'm Too Much of an Optimist," Mozilla is an #InternetVillain, Steam Controller 2.0 rumors and MORE!


Rumor has it, Valve are working on a new Steam Controller. What features would you like to see? A big part of the Internet went down this week, we get to the bottom of it... In the UK, 30,000 online followers makes you an Internet celebrity. Surprisingly, not a "Cyber Celebrity" Show Notes

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"Oggling over G3s," Jony Ives leaves Apple, Twitter's new rules give special treatment to the world's elite and MORE!


Twitter clarifies its rules about world leaders breaking its rules. And the rules don’t apply to them, apparently, Jony Ive is leaving Apple, FCC allows Verizon to lock devices for 60 days, and MORE Show Notes

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